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Intrusion Detection




Instead of throwing your money away on a cookie-cutter intrusion detection system that do not work for your facility, let us design a customized system that meets your needs.

Are you getting false alarm calls in the middle of the night? Improperly designed alarm systems cause annoying false alarms, fines by the police, and many sleepless nights.

Eventually, improperly designed alarm systems are just turned off and never used again. Instead of throwing your money away on a cookie-cutter system that doesn’t work for your facility, let us design a customized system that meets your needs, works with your other security systems, and effectively secures your facility without constant false alarms.
  • Door/Window Contacts
  • Motion Detectors
  • Photo-Electric Beams
  • Glass-Break Detectors
  • Microphones
  • Any other wired or wireless input
With the right combination of these alarm points, functional keypads and zones, proper integration with other systems, and a UL-certified monitoring station you can feel comfortable that your facility is secure, and you won’t be bothered with false alarms anymore. Whether you have 10 alarm points or 100 alarm points, our monitoring fees remain the same. Stop wasting your money on poorly designed security systems that doesn’t prevent intrusion detection. Instead, call us today and let us keep intruders out at a rate that will save you money!

Not sure if you are in compliance with local, state or national guidelines and regulations? We are well educated in the constantly changing and multifaceted fire and life safety codes of the various jurisdictions governing your facilities. Fire can damage your facility and lead to many serious injuries and sometimes fatalities of your employees. Keeping your employees safe from fire is essential and a risk you cannot afford to take. By monitoring environment changes associated with combustion our fire alarm systems are able to rapidly detect fire. Our fire alarm systems will alarm and notify all people on the premise to vacate the facility immediately. Our fire alarm systems respond quickly to ensure the safety of your employees and keep them protected from harm.

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