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Guard Services



Security Guard Services

Diligence, Integrity, Continuity, Expertise (D.I.C.E.)

These are the guiding principles to our business approach.

We base all of our business relationships on our four core values above. This is the basis of a working relationship in which our clients trust that we are on the job making sure they are protected.

We believe in a true partnering process with our clients to establish and implement security goals. Our clients’ security concerns are our concerns. We view our role as an extension of our clients’ security operations and are a resource they can rely upon. We feel it is our responsibility not just to provide trained, uniformed personnel, but to seek always to insure the best security posture for our client. This is reflected in our constant reevaluation of our security practices and procedures to ensure that they adequately meet the relevant security concerns of our clients and that they are effectively communicated to our security staff.

We consider the trust our clients have placed in us as sacred and do everything in our power to measure up to that trust.

Guard Services Levels

  • Standard: Standard Level Guards are ideal for warehouse, parking lots, and event security services.
  • Concierge: Concierge Level Guards are suited for hotels, office buildings, and condominiums. A friendly & welcoming face to point customers/employees in the right direction and keep a watchful eye on your property.
  • Professional: Professional Level Guards are our top-notch Guards. They are usually reserved for Class A office space.


  • Certified Guards
  • Armed Guards
  • School Safety Officer: Armed or Unarmed
  • Administrative Support Staff: Receptionist, Clerical Support
  • TSA Clearance
  • On-Site Patrol Services: Dedicated Patrol Car, Segway, Golf Cart, Bike


  • Security Clearance: Secret Clearance
  • First Aid
  • OPOTA (Ohio Peace Office Training Academy)
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
Security Guard Services

Custom Pricing

We offer complete transparency to our clients so that they know exactly how their security dollars are being spent. We operate on a fixed margin which allow our clients to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent on security. We work closely with our clients to develop a solution that most efficiently meets their security needs and objectives.

Only The Best

Our people are our product. Our process starts by recruiting the absolute best candidates we can. All applicants undergo a rigorous screening process which includes drug testing, criminal records checks, state licensing and more. Our recruiting is ongoing and does not stop when a position is filled. We are in a constant recruiting mode which keeps us in control of the staffing process. It allows us to take quick and decisive action when performance is not up to par. It also enables us look at our employees with a more critical eye as we come across promising new candidates.

Keep It Simple

Simple, effective training has been a successful tool in insuring superior officer performance. Officers will perform effectively when they have the confidence that they know what they are doing. When officers are confronted with a situation for which they have not been adequately prepared, they lose their self-confidence and begin taking the easy way. Often, officers are given an overwhelming amount of information their first two or three days on a post. Then they are considered “trained”. Our continual, remedial training is interactive, site specific, and followed up with written tests and quizzes. This has proven to be invaluable in keeping our officers “on top of their game.”


Our technological expertise enables us to use innovative systems and processes to maximize the efficiency of our guard operations. Real time GPS tracking, electronic reporting, and automatic email updates are just a few examples. Let us show you what we can do for your operation!


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