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Update your Analog Camera with Aegis
Posted By:  Liam Rolfe
Monday, August 10, 2020

Are you thinking about upgrading your cameras from Analog to IP? Here are four solid reasons to consider upgrading a commercial security system today!

  1. Better resolution: IP cameras have image resolutions that are up to 20 times higher than analog! 
  2. Scalability: IP camera systems are designed with evolving security needs in mind and can accept an unlimited number of cameras, making it easier to scale your security system up as needs change. 
  3. Remote access: IP cameras exist as part of a network that can be connected to the internet which allows for features such as off-site storage and management. Users can log into their security system from anywhere to always keep a lookout over your business!
  4. Storage options: IP systems use digital technology, and massive amounts of surveillance video can be easily stored on hard drives and web servers. Also, digital storage is easy to backup for protection from data loss.
If you are interested, get in touch with Aegis Protective Services, and we can upgrade your cameras to give you more flexibility and better performance!


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