Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

The first step in protecting your facility is figuring out the three “W”s: WHO is authorized for entry… WHERE are they authorized to go…WHEN are they authorized to enter. A properly implemented Access Control System is one of the most reliable ways to achieve the who/where/when objective. This system protects your business, property, and employees by only allowing access to those you approve; all others are denied entry by the system. Aegis can design and install an access control system that allows people to go where they are needed at the right times on a door-by-door, room-by-room basis.

Benefits of Aegis Access Control

Everyone wants to keep their businesses secure…a dependable access control system is the solution.

Powerful Ease of Use

Graphical user interfaces on modern access control systems make it easy for you to modify groups, add/delete users, or change schedules. You have the tools to manage your business’s day-to-day operations at your fingertips.

Mobile Ready

As we shift into a more connected and mobile-first world, you need to be able to adjust on the fly, and the latest systems allow you to do just that. You can make system/schedule changes and view security videos all from the palm of your hand.

Custom Built for You

Aegis will create a customized system, whether you are securing one door or hundreds across multiple sites. You can choose to control access for the entire office, limit access to areas, and even control access to parking structures and elevators.


  • Web Interface
  • Expandable System
  • Easy Integration
  • Identity Management
  • Customizable Monitor Display