Video Surveillance

A well-designed video surveillance system with built-in analytics serves as a powerful crime deterrent and investigative tool. Video surveillance is also a proactive security solution that allows you to identify and solve potential issues before they arise. Aegis is a licensed partner of Avigilon, Hanwha, Axis, and Honeywell. All our systems offer high-quality imaging and real-time analytics so you can rest easy knowing Aegis will design and implement the right system for you.


Aegis helps you select, design, and configure the right solution for your business. Our Video Surveillance solutions are customized for you. We design with the optimal number of cameras required to secure your employees and business.


Our Remote Guarding Solution, the perfect complement to our Intrusion Detection System, allows highly trained Aegis Command Operators to keep a watchful eye over your site if an alarm is raised to help prevent potential thefts and ensure the safety and security of your site.


After your system is up and performing, we are on hand to offer full training and maintenance/support with the Aegis Advantage to keep your Video Surveillance System operating effectively.


  • Monitor remotely using any Apple or Android device.
  • Reduced response time viewing live and recorded video from any location using wifi.
  • Top of the line cameras with maximum clarity & minimum bandwidth; hi definition, easy-to-use video search, one or multiple cameras, compatible with other IP manufacturer cameras.

Why Video Surveillance?

Improve Safety: Allows you to live monitor your site & have access to historical footage for investigations.

Deter Crime: People are much less likely to engage in criminal or destructive behavior if they know they are being watched.

Reduce Liability: Helps to determine incident responsibility and protects your company against fraudulent insurance claims.
Monitor Production: You can see that your employees are attending to customers, following proper safety protocols, and completing work as assigned. You can see that your engineered systems are performing as expected or identify areas that require attention.

Video Analytics

The most advanced analytics technologies (Avigilon Self-Learning Analytics) use neural networks to power self-learning video analytics, which deliver improved accuracy in both perimeter protection and in crowded, indoor environments.

Appearance Search

The Avigilon deep learning AI search engine sorts through hours of video with ease, to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest.

Facial Recognition

Analytics accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest. Facial recognition offers context that allows you to make informed decisions. This information empowers you to respond to incidents proactively.

Self-Learning Analytics

The Avigilon self-learning algorithm provides accurate recognition of the movement of specified vehicles and people; motion not relevant to the specified parameters is ignored. This self-learning ability is embedded into cameras, which improves the ability of the system to constantly learn. False positives are reduced or eliminated, and security alerts that are produced are meaningful.

License Plate Recognition

License plate information from any vehicle can automatically be read and recorded. If the plate number meets specified parameters, alerts can be provided and live video of the vehicle will be presented on the screen. Paired with the advanced search capabilities, operators are able to search and quickly find specific captured license plate video for verification and investigation.

Types of Cameras

Multi-Sensor Cameras

Multi-sensor cameras can simultaneously monitor multiple directions because the camera heads can be positioned independently, providing up to 360° coverage. Multi-sensor cameras are ideal for mounting on the outer corners of buildings and at the intersections of hallways and roads. Even though multiple-views are provided, Multi-sensor cameras only use one port on recording devices of the same brand.

Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras eliminate blind spots and deliver natural-looking images. These cameras are equipped with “de-warping” technology, which allows the video to appear as if you were looking with your own eyes from above, or beside the subject. They can be mounted on a ceiling for a complete 360° overview of an entire room or on a wall for a 180° field of view. They are well suited for indoor and outdoor monitoring.

Specialty Cameras

Specialty cameras are available to serve specific additional functions like thermal imaging, temperature scans, pan/tilt/zoom capability, or explosion-proof cameras that can withstand harsh conditions like industrial, chemical, or high-security facilities.

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